Five Baby Items Must-Have

What is your baby’s must haves? when AK was a baby, less than a year old, I always had these items with me. Some of them still exist up to this day, and we still use them since AK is still a toddler. They are my worth-it must-haves—worth the buy.

  1. Boba Air Carrier. I couldn’t stress how amazing this product is. It’s light, foldable, and can carry my baby’s weight with ease. I use this especially on travel since we do not bring strollers when we go to our province.
  2. Akeeva Stroller. This one is worth every penny. It can be folded easily and comes with a bag where you can carry it on your back if your baby is not using it. Sadly, we lost this one in a parking area. I still recommend this.
  3. UV Care Sterilizer. I know there are many sterilizers out there. I do not limit you to this particular brand but having a sterilizer is a time saver, especially for a working mom like me. I didn’t have this until a few months into motherhood. This worked wonders as it can sterilize baby items, phones, and other gadgets. Useful during the pandemic.
  4. High Chair. A hand me down, which I am super thankful for as this allowed AK to sit properly during our feeding time. We also explored baby-led weaning using this high chair. Sadly we weren’t consistent, but all is good. I passed this on to my baby nephew.
  5. Baby Bouncer. A gift from his godfather, which I am thankful for. Every time we put AK on this one, he sleeps immediately, bouncing up and down in his bouncer. Allowed me to do other stuff. Lifesaver.

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