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Motherhood: Potty Training My Two-year-old

“Wiwi ka?” my child asks as he stumps his feet towards me, trying to hold it in while I strip his shirt off. Once it’s out of the way, he will run towards his orange potty car, and there he releases what he calls “Firetruck” as it splashes water onto the hallows of the seat. January 2022, I decided to…

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Screen Time for the Little One

What are your rules for screen time with your little one? When did you allow them to watch T.V? Our little one watches with me. If I decide to check out the latest movie or show on Netflix, or open a video on YouTube, he is there beside me, looking at the television or my phone, curious at what he…

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Feeding Time for My Two-year-old

How well does your toddler eat? It is still a work in progress for us in our home, and I am taking it day by day. I capture each moment when he eats, enjoys the food, and feeds himself, just like the video above. Three Lessons from feeding a Toddler: Don’t stress out when he is not eating. Your toddler…

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