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Happy Birthday, Lo!

To the wisest man I know,I miss your meaningful advice,I miss sitting down as you tell your stories with a valuable lesson at the end.I miss seeing you sit at the corner of the house while you read your books. You left us with a happy heart knowing you will…

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Monday Motivation: Let Your Heart be Light

The day after Christmas, it’s time to eat yesterday’s leftovers. It is when the cold spaghetti becomes tastier (if there is more left). I wish you had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones as you shared wonderful stories, laughter, and sumptuous food. I know you had a blast! monday…

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Tips to Overcome Crutch Words

For many, using filler words is so routine and reflexive that asking them to stop saying “ah” or “um” is like asking someone to control his sneezing. The trick to controlling this habit is substituting another behavior in its place, or at least adopting tactics that reduce its frequency. These…

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Monday Motivation: Happy Holidays!

Few more days, and it’s Christmas day! How will you celebrate? Where will you go? Wherever you plan or however you do it, I wish it will be with the people you love, heart to heart and hand in hand. monday #motivation #holiday #christmas #vlib

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Positive Parenting

Being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs anyone could have; however, it is also the most rewarding. There is no right or wrong to parenting; as long as your child is happy, you are doing the right thing. Here are some things I learned to be a…

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