Happy First Birthday AK!

“Everybody has a story
Everyday we add one line
Everybody has a story, yeah,
Tell me yours I wanna tell you mine”

3 am of June 6 last year, I started my labor. Your time inside my tummy has come to an end and it was finally time for you to join us here outside. We were excited, nervous, and anxious. We tried to prepare. We did our best to lay everything down for your arrival.
No daddy phasing back and fort outside the delivery room – like the one in the movies – as he was with me all through out. After a few…joke.. many hours passed – 7:34 PM to be exact – you came out. It was painful, It was hard, but all went away and was replaced by tears of pure joy upon hearing your loud cry.
From tiny new born, now you turn One. No words can express how happy we are to have you and to celebrate this day with the people who loves you.

Here is a glimpse of the DIY decors we did that day, the smiles and food we shared. We had a video call with family during his candle blowing.

I bought most of the materials online – shopee. I thank technology and frontliners who deliver goods and products to customers.

First Birthday SDE

I wish you all the happiness in life. I pray for you to grow happy, healthy and strong.
I am one lucky mommy to have such sweet, jolly, curious and a beautiful baby.

May this day be extra special for you.
I am excited for more years, more birthdays and more celebrations to come.
Happy First Birthday, our dear little one!

We love you, forever and always ❤️


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