Breastfeeding: Two Months into the Journey

Breastfeeding. I knew it will be hard but I never thought it would be this hard. At first I thought, “This is impossible, how do other’s do it?”. It seems impossible, where others give up because of the emotional pain in stressing if you are giving him enough and physical pain from exhaustion of trying give him what he needs. and then another pain once he is able to latch on. endless! but once he is satisfied, you will feel that sense of fulfillment, a sense of satisfaction, pride and joy, knowing that you have given your child the food that he deserves to help him grow healthy and strong. You just have to suck it up at first and eventually it gets better.

Trial and Error
Oh it was not easy. You would think that as soon as they come out they would automatically know how to latch and feed from your breast. it seems easy watching it on videos, but no! the first few weeks was a struggle. At the hospital, there were nurses who can help you with latching. Since I had a c-section, a nurse taught us how to help baby latch to my breast lying down. Nurses would also monitor the number of wet and poopy diaper your baby had, but as soon as we got home, things got real. sleep was out of the picture and taking a bath was not an option (bihis bihis lang). Making our baby latch on to my breast was hard. We tried different position and different latching technique which sometimes would work and sometimes don’t. It was a hit and miss and a nipple cream became my best friend during those time (get yourself one). My husband did all the research and then guided me how to do it. Thankful for a very supportive husband.

A Visit from a Lactation Coach
On the fifth day, we were exhausted. I was already thinking of giving our baby formula, which the OB also suggested but I still wanted to find other ways to pursue with breastfeeding. A friend suggested to hire a lactation coach, so I looked for one. With God’s grace, a friend sent me a page while I was browsing for one, answered prayer indeed. I booked for a lactation coach that day at Zalor Mom-Infant Care Service and praise be to God, there was a free coach the next day. She arrived at the exact time. First, she gave me a massage, which helped with my blood flow that eventually help with my milk production. She also taught me how to do it and suggested I do it daily to minimize clog. Apparently, I have a clog duct which was hindering with my milk flow. The process was really helpful and relaxing as well for me and baby. I was even taught how to feed side-lying. She came in with baby not even wanting to latch and she left with us feeding side-lying. What a relief.

That First Bite
He was days old when I encountered that first bite. We were struggling with the feeding and the latching, and Jay was holding him trying to place his mouth to my nipple but he was crying and I think was also frustrated as we were, so when Jay shoved him onto me, he bit me. The pain shocked me, it was so painful that my instinct kicked in and I pushed him, thankfully he was in Jay’s arms and I felt guilty after, so we tried again. I braced for the pain. After a few bite, you’ll get used to it eventually. It still hurts but I brush it off. I would talk to him and tell him not to bite. My mom said babies can understand, not sure if it works but I do it anyway. Now he still bites, oftentimes when he is done feeding, where he would grind his teeth on my nipple but I would not dare scream because then he would wake up and we would be back to square one. I would hold it in, until he lets go and then I slowly get out of bed, careful not to make any sound, then take care of the pain from the bite, sometimes shouts quietly from the inside.

Boosters aka lactation cookies. I tried a few, but I did not really stick with them because 1. they are expensive and 2. there are other cheaper alternatives that you can take to boost your milk production. I did order from Milking bombs and lactation cookies from They taste good but expensive. What I tried doing, as suggested by the lactation coach, was drink Milo, which was a win for me. We always have Milo in the cupboard since everyone in the house drinks it. I eat oatmeal every morning, which also helps produce milk, and again, we have that as well. It is what I eat as breakfast or snack ever since. My mom (thank heavens for her) cook soups with clams or shells with malungay. It helps a lot, plus it is healthy and delicious. I never ordered lactation cookies again. I eat regular cookies though or malungay bread from pan de manila (yum!). The most important is to hydrate. I drink double the water I regularly drink. They say that regular feeding can also help boost your milk, and my baby right now is cluster feeding. He feeds non-stop whenever he is awake. Only rest I have is when my husband or my mom carries him, for me to eat or take a bath.

Success? 2 Months into our Journey and I must say, we are getting better and better at it. It may not be perfect yet, we still have a long way to go, but way easier than when we started. Baby AK can now latch in any position he is in, side-lying, on a ring sling, or when we are sitting down. He may miss at times and have to try a few more before latching on properly, but he eventually gets it. Although we are still in the cluster feeding time, where he feeds non-stop during the day that it drains me, I am happy that he is feeding well now, but I know the road will be rough, come teething, the dreaded zone. Good luck to me! Once you get the hang of it, which is not 100% yet for us, but we are getting there (I hope), breastfeeding is a wonderful thing and the beauty of it? I do not need to wash any bottles, no need to warm it up since it is already in the right temperature. I can feed our baby whenever and wherever he wants it. It also creates a strong bond between me and my child, plus I know I am giving little one the best food that he needs. This is not to pressure anyone. Every mother is different but we all want to give what is best for our child. If you can breastfeed, go for it. During our breastfeeding sesh, I kiss our baby Achan, squeeze him tight, and look at him feeling accomplished that I was able to bring this tiny, cute, little human into this world and be amazed as I watch him grow each day❤ .

I will never give up in giving him what I know is the best food for him. Come journey with me as I learn and discover the world of breast feeding.

Will update with the next level.. soon.. ❤

Share happiness, share love.

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