Happy Birthday, Lo!

To the wisest man I know,
I miss your meaningful advice,
I miss sitting down as you tell your stories with a valuable lesson at the end.
I miss seeing you sit at the corner of the house while you read your books.

You left us with a happy heart knowing you will be with your best friend, Jesus, and the love of your life, Lola.

Growing up in your presence is the luckiest part of my being.
I learned the right values to live as a Christian and God-fearing individual.
It was you who taught me to love reading and the value you gained from it.
I learned the act of giving, even with a little penny in the pocket, there is always something to give.

Thank you, for teaching me all this.
Thank you for your life well lived.
Thank you for being the wisest man I know and for sharing your wisdom with all of us.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Lo!

#vlib #birthdayinheaven #wisestman


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