3 Apps to Keep me Organized

Being a work-from-home mom of a toddler who likes to get my attention every second he is awake, I have to keep up with my to-do list so that even though I get distracted, I can quickly return to what I am doing. Aside from using an actual planner, as I often like to write with pen and paper, there are applications on my phone and on my laptop to keep me in check with what I need to do for the day or the week.


If you haven’t met Notion, it’s time you get acquainted with it. I learned about this application while searching for a better note-taking app. I like to write my thoughts on my phone while I am on the road traveling to work or whenever an idea pop-up. I want a note app where I can dump it all in. This application is not only for note-taking as it is a level up to everything I know about note apps. It can also create calendars, tables, group your notes into folders, and all things that no other note-taking app can do. It blew my mind how powerful this application is. And the best thing about it? It’s entirely free for personal use. Nowadays, I use Notion to plan my life from monthly content creation, speeches I want to deliver, or goals I want to achieve. This application changed my life. Let me know if you want a tour of my Notion 😄

Google Sheet

I already have Notion; why still use google sheet? This application fills in the gap that Notion cannot do, like forms, computations, and other things that I can only do in google sheet. I have many side projects, groups, and clubs, and google sheet is one of the applications that keep me together when it comes to them. I create order forms, track my daily and holiday expenses, and it also allows collaboration with a live update that everyone can see at the same time. This app is simple and free to use.

Google Calendar

This application keeps my daily schedule in check. If it’s not in my google calendar, I know nothing about it. Whenever there is an invite to any event, I make sure I add it to my calendar, or I will forget about it. I even add my daily chores to help me keep track of it. I check this daily to ensure I do not forget a meeting, a thing I need to accomplish, or an item I need to acquire. Everything is and should be in my google calendar, or it doesn’t exist.

Having a “mommy brain,” as they call it, wherein I would not be able to recall things I already forgot, these applications help me get organized and allows me to retain the idea for a more extended period for as long as I do not hit the delete button, or the system doesn’t crash. They say our brain is the source of ideas but not the storage, so having applications for note-taking, planning, data storage, and scheduling is a big must to keep me in check.

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2 responses to “3 Apps to Keep me Organized”

  1. I used to love Notion, but have since transferred to Obsidian so that I can store my files wherever I want. And it’s much snappier too, which suits my preferences. I also like Apple Reminder and Calendar.

    Always great to see posts like this. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. oh wow! Thank you so much. I have not yet tried obsidian. seems like a great app. will check this out.


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