Happy Halloween – Sugar Rushed Thor for the Day!

Face-to-face parties are back! First time in a long time since the pandemic to attend a Halloween Party. Last October 29, 2022, AK enjoyed being Thor for the day with his powerful hammer, gauntlets, and shiny headgear. He mostly enjoyed playing with other kids and the magic show, which both kids and adults looked forward to.

Sugar rushed was a handful to handle as it was also the first time for AK to enjoy his chocolates and the other treats the events provided. I let him be. I cannot limit his sweets for the day, as it is his time to enjoy them. How do you handle the sugar rush? How do you tell a toddler to stop? Out of sight, out of mind. I removed the hard candies and sweets I knew AK would not consume out and away from his sight. Hid them away where his tiny hands cannot reach and his hawk-like eye cannot see. Out of sight, out of mind was my rule.

Hope to join more of this in the future as AK grows up and gets to choose his preferred costume.

#weekend #wonderful #vlib


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