Tip Tuesday: Parenting in Digital Age

How do you handle technology with your child in this digital age? In this age of advanced technology, putting our phones down and spending more time with our children will greatly impact the child in the future.

  1. When your child is talking to you, put your phone down and look at your child.
  2. If your child is old enough to have social media, keep track of their post. You can follow them to check their post or the accounts they are following.
  3. Keep your phone out of the dinner table. Meal time is the moment to bond with your child and enjoy the meal together.
  4. If your child is seeking your attention, put down your phone and focus on your child. They are a child once, and you can never turn back time.
  5. Limit your phone use and focus more on your child when he is beside you. Play with your child. If you can avoid instilling in your child’s memory that you are always on the phone. Please do so.

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