Motherhood: Potty Training My Two-year-old

“Wiwi ka?” my child asks as he stumps his feet towards me, trying to hold it in while I strip his shirt off. Once it’s out of the way, he will run towards his orange potty car, and there he releases what he calls “Firetruck” as it splashes water onto the hallows of the seat.

January 2022, I decided to potty train my little one. I have read articles and seen videos of other mommies that I can start even before he turns three. In a few months, next month our baby turns three, and I wanted to try if it will work. They say starts at three. I say now 😁

The first potty I bought was an orange car potty from ( I gifted this to AK on his first birthday. We didn’t use it until he was over two years old, a lesson learned from my impulsive buying self to not buy when not yet needed, even though it is the cutest thing in the world. Anyway, now it is a staple in our potty training world.

I read somewhere that babies who use cloth diapers are easier to transition but I have nothing to compare to as we have used cloth diapers ever since, and I tell you, it is no way near “easy”.

Here are three steps I did to potty train our toddler:

No Diaper in the Morning

Upon waking up and getting out of bed, I remove his CD (cloth diaper) and put on his shorts. This was the first step to making him realize the feeling of getting wet from his wiwi and opening his mind to the idea that he needs to do something about it.

Next, I point to his orange car and say, “You see this car? this is where you go wiwi like what you did right now. you go sit down here. Okay?”

More often than not, I get no reaction. My little one would go about his play after I change him and dry the door as if nothing happened. This went on for weeks. It developed into me rushing him over his orange potty when I notice water running over his legs.

It was a cycle until he fully realized he needed to go sit down whenever he feels the urge.

Give Your Full Attention

It was one weekend when I decide to stay by his side do nothing but be with him while he play, watch tv, and play some more. I observed his action, and looked at him closely to distinguish the facial expression or movement he does whenever nature calls. It took me a day or two to figure this out. So give your full attention to your child, and you will get this.

“How did you know he wants to go? ” My husband once asked and I would answer, “I just know”

When he successfully relieved himself in his orange potty, I would hug him and tell him “Good Job, and thank you for the wiwi!”

It was one thing I learned, to thank them for doing something, to thank my little one for doing a great job in one specific task.

“Thank you for the wiwi!” hahaha I know it’s weird, but it works.

The child’s “Term” is the key

“Here comes the fire truck!” became the term we used whenever he wants to empty his bladder. “Firetruck” was one of our terms and we used it as it is what made him understood.

“Go do the firetruck,” I tell him. I guess because he sees firetrucks in the shows he watches firetrucks squirt water. Whatever floats your boat, little child, I am game.
“Yey! Firetruck” he shouts and adds “up! up! up!” Silly child.

His term eventually became “wiwi” for both number 1 and number 2 and he no longer use the firetruck. Atleast it became a way for him to understand the activity. I think even for us adults, we can use visuals and terms we know to fully understand and absorb situations or learnings.

It was frustrating at first, and It is ok. Try and try until you succeed as they say. There were lots of mess, smelly rugs, and many change of clothes in a day but it was all worthit. Less cloth diaper to wash. Yey!

There is no right or wrong in parenting. We are all in this together, so let us all help each other, so I hope you learned a thing or two from this post.

What worked for you when you potty trained your child?
Please share it in the comment section below.

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