Screen Time for the Little One

What are your rules for screen time with your little one? When did you allow them to watch T.V?

Our little one watches with me. If I decide to check out the latest movie or show on Netflix, or open a video on YouTube, he is there beside me, looking at the television or my phone, curious at what he was seeing. No hard rule set for screen time as I let him watch appropriate shows for him. As a working mom, I am not sure if I could set a screen time rule for my little one. I know some has, but I don’t think I can.

I grew up watching television even when I was a kid myself, and I do not think it affected my eyes, my behaviour, or my studies. It is what I grew up with, and I am passing it on to my child. It is up to me to guide him well.

There is no right or wrong to parenting, and every child has their own phase in learning things. I let my child lead in whatever he wants to do. If he wants to watch T.V, then let it be so long as it is appropriate and with guidance from adult.

Three Shows on AK’s Current Watch list


“What do you want to watch?” I ask my toddler, allowing him to decide on the video to turn to.

“watch wipi, Mommy,” he answers

I press a button on the remote, browsing through the displayed video, to find the video with a thumbnail of a man in blue-orange hat, orange eye glasses, and blue pants. It was one of those shows we discovered while letting the auto-play do its job. The man’s high-pitched voice captured my little one’s attention, and the rest was history. Every day and every night he watched the show, memorizing each opening and closing line. AK’s favorite song of the show is the “Excavator Song”.

If you are interested and want to know if your kid will like it, you can search for his name by typing in B-L-I-P-P-I 😉

Or you can click here, for easier access (I gotchu!)

Vehicles (Cars, Bus, Helicopter and Airplanes)

“Mommy, tibi helicopter” he asks while handing me the remote

This is his other option. To watch airplanes, bus, and any other moving vehicles as he is curious about how the wheels move and how it works.

Click here to watch the video

Sign Language Alphabet

“Sing it, say it, sign it the letters of the alphabet”

I started teaching AK alphabet sign language even before he became a toddler. He liked the movement of my hands as I sing the alphabet song and you could see in his intense look he was trying to learn it. When he reached two, he could do it with the help of a show we watched over and over—the sign language alphabet.

Click here and watch it with your little one 😊

“Ayaw mo <show name here>?” “Ayaw mo <insert show name here>,” is his way of saying to change to a different video or I turn off the television completely to let him play with his toys.

His preference will change as he grows older for sure, but for now, he enjoys the list above and I am glad he learns from them as well.

What is your screen-time rule for your little one? and what are their favorite shows?

Share them in the comment section below ❤


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