Happy 2nd Birthday AK!

You are now Two!
Oh, how time flew.
A lot has changed,
But your infectious laugh remained.

I am fascinated
at how you absorb.
Like a sponge that soaks up everything,
I hope I could do justice,
In teaching you all things.

I am in awe at how much you grew,
For you are laser-focus
at anything that interests you.
From saying daba as your first double-u (w),
To finally saying it correctly
and with emphasis—dabaaa yuuuu.

You run,
You jump,
You climb,
You shout,
and you cry.

Best of all,
you always have
Your warm and loving smile,
bright as the sunshine.

You love music,
You love to sing.
I love to watch you make your move.
Stomping, jumping with hand gestures
that everyone approves.

This day is your special one.
Even though confined
in our little home
for the second time around.
I will make sure
that we would all have fun,
to remember this day,
your beautiful birthday.

A celebration of your birth,
A celebration of our joy,
For your second year here on earth.

I thank the Lord,
for your life,
for your smile,
for you, my child.

I wish for your happiness
and many more celebrations to come.
Daddy and I love you,
forever and always,
Our sweet Achan.

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