Three (3) Lessons from A Toddler

You cannot take good care of a child unless you love the child, you must be part of their life. There is no right or wrong way, there is only the loving way of a mother or a parent.

As a mom of an almost two-year-old, I try my best to do what I could do, so my child would grow up happy and healthy – that is my ultimate goal. I read articles and used them as my guide into keeping up with my toddler and also, keeping myself sane if I am still doing the “right” thing.

In my two years of being a first-time-mom, these are the three of the lessons I learned from my child. Yes! we can also learn from our little one.

A Toddler is not a good listener but they are an excellent mimic.

I remember the time when I handed my little one his toothbrush and told him to brush his teeth. He did not really know how to respond. The first time I did that, he looked at me, then gazed his eyes on the thing that I was holding, blink and ran away. I had to catch him quickly, for me to brush his teeth. There was a lot of running around trying to catch him in the few days of introduction. Then I decided that it was too tiring to always go after him. I observed that he loves to look at me and his dad when we brush our teeth. He got curious at the bubbles that we produce on our mouth when we brush and the motions that we do. One day I squatted down so my little one could see me brushing closer. I got his toothbrush as well and showed him what to do. From then, whenever I brush my teeth, I would hand him his toothbrush and he would mimic what I do.

Now, we no longer have any issue with him brushing his teeth as he got used to the routine that he would do it whenever he wakes up and before he goes to bed.

Also, they say when you want your child to say “thank you” or “please” you should constantly tell it to them. When they hand you something, say “thank you”. You might not see it, but they absorb everything and one day it will surprise you when your little one would finally say, “thank you” or “please”

That is how I learned from my toddler on how I should teach him stuff. I should not just tell him what to do, but show him how to do it. My little one loves to mimic us, especially the words we say. That is why we are careful not to say words that is bad for him as he would pick it up and absorb it like a sponge, amazing and nerve-racking at the same time.

For toddlers, they like it when you show it to them rather than by simply telling them.

Let them Lead.

It was hard to gauge on what to teach my child at a certain age. Every child has their own development and phase in learning something and I do not want to pressure my little one into acquiring something he does not have any interest in. It was also a trial and error to see what likes and dislikes.

In this process, I let my child lead. I gave him different options; he has books, toys and many learning materials. I observed on what captured his attention and removed those that do not. I even allowed him to watch anything that is child appropriate. From ABCs to music.

I learned by letting him lead that he loves specific music, specific children shows and toys that challenge him. I could not do this if I insisted on what shows he should watch or music he should listen to.

There is no right or wrong way. There are kids who love watching ads or playing with cars, and my child loves to dance and sing to a music or abcs and loves to play with empty containers (haha!). I learned we should let them be. Let the things around them trigger their imagination.

I am here for my child to provide guidance and help with whatever he needs.

Proper way instead of no way.

“Wag!” or “NO!” or “Don’t do that” or “Stop doing that” are the constant words or phrase I say ever since my child could stand up and climb anything he could climb on. I still say this, Not a day passes by without me uttering these words.

One thing I learned from my child is that, instead of saying “Wag” or “No” all the time, I let him be and instead I teach him the proper way or remove anything out of his way that could harm him.

What do I mean by the proper way? My child loves to go up a chair or the couch and It would just give me a heat attack when he tries to go down head first. I do not want to hinder him from exploring the surrounding, so instead I taught him how to go down from the chair or the couch properly. Even when he started trying to go down from our bed, I showed him the proper way to do it.

Now I say, “Feet first please” or “go down properly please.” It is significantly better than saying “no” to a child.

Even though we are the parent, we can still learn from our little one as long as we open our mind and our heart to the possibilities. Those are three of what I learned so far from my child. I admit I am still learning so much from him. I teach him and he teaches me something in return. The power of love and learning.

Pay close attention and your child will surprise you at how their brain works 🙂

How do you teach your child? Are you also doing the same? What lessons did you learn from them? Share it on the comment section below.


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