Our Third Year Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Vow

Our awkward one second first kiss as husband and wife

“Why Him?” was the question asked during the seminar
“Why You?” I asked myself while looking at you, I have not said enough, I was not prepared, my brain that time was not working properly due to lack of sleep (it was 9am!) adding pressure to speak in-front of strangers.

Thinking about it now, I am very blessed to have you, to have met you.

I thank God every day for giving you me.
I knew from the start, that the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, is you.

Your patience for me is out of this world,
You can wait for me for 4 or 5 or more hours when I have my workshop or when I do events.
When my day doesn’t go as planned and I get so upset, you make things right.
You’re not the sweetest guy, but I love the little gesture that makes everything alright.
You are the strength I didn’t know I needed, and the Joy I didn’t know I lacked.

I love how passionate you are with everything that you do, from music, to photography, to learning a new programming language or learning a new game. You even try to share your passion with me.

You don’t remember dates, you’re terrible at it, but your random gifts on a random day make up for it. 10+ years of being together and you’re still the same loving person as before. You still take care of me in your own precious way.
you still make tea or milk for me in the morning and at night.

I always pray that our relationship will last, and I can’t believe that we are here at last.
The moment we have been waiting for, where we become one, in front of God and our loved ones.
Know that I will always be here for you, your critic, I will give you my honest opinion, and will always be your number one fan. I will listen and respect your decision, for I know you will always do the same for me.

Before you asked me, I was yours, and I am devoted to you in every way. I marry you without hesitation or doubt, and my commitment to you is absolute, constant and final.

Awkward First Kiss – The Story

The priest instructed us to face each other, then he uttered the phrase, “You may now kiss your bride”.

As soon as I heard those words, my palms started sweating, and we looked at each other, waiting for one to kiss the other. Aside from my enormous dress that made it hard for me to get closer, we were both unsure of who should move closer first. Plus, we were both uncomfortable kissing in front of our family. Jay moved closer and as if seeing everything in slow motion, I moved closer as well, then I panicked that as soon as our lips touched I moved back as quickly as I could. I was thankful that our photographers were fast on their feet to capture our one second first kiss (HAHA!)

Three Years

Now we celebrate our third year wedding anniversary. It felt like we’ve been married since forever and I am not complaining. I am thankful and blessed to have such a supportive husband and a loving and cooperative almost-two-year-old son.

There is no perfect marriage. We cry, we struggle, and we make mistakes. But we forgive, we try, and we love again. For as long as God is in the center of our marriage, we can do all things, move forward and achieve our goals in His mighty name.

I pray for everyone who is also celebrating their anniversary on this day to feel the love and blessing from the people who support and love them.

Happy Anniversary! ❤

Always remember, no matter how slow you go for as long as you do not stop, you will get there. Keep going, keep writing.


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