To My Father in Heaven

Five years have passed,
Five years of you, not being with us.

We longed for your smile, your touch, and your warm hug.

You were not the perfect father, you lacked in many parts.
But you filled it up by showing us your forgiving and kind heart.

You struggled but persevered in giving us what we need.
and that alone was enough for us to succeed.

I missed a lot of chances,
to show you how much I appreciate and love you.
I ignored when I should be listening.
I defied when I should be aiding.

I was selfish and engaged with my own decision,
I didn’t realize that all you needed was attention,
I didn’t think twice to leave you for my ambition.

On your final moment, you only wished for one.
To talk to any of your children,
before you closed your eyes and breathed your last one.

I cry for you are no longer around,
Heartened by the thought that you are now with the Lord,
happy and all the pain, gone.

I may never see you smile, nor hear you laugh,
the only thing I can do is to pray to the One above.

I pray for courage, I pray for wisdom.
Please guide and comfort Mamang, and us, your children.

You are now my angel, my Papang in heaven.

2 responses to “To My Father in Heaven”

  1. Where he is now, i am sure your Papang is surrounded with God’s love. Hold on to the beautiful memories that you had with your angel in heaven❤️😊👍


    1. Thank you Bro AL! ❤


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