A Beautiful Destiny

Have you found the one? 
That one person, to take his place, no one else can.

Let me tell you my story 
of how I came across my destiny.

He came in God’s perfect time.
He saved me from years of heartache, that I never thought I could escape.

We are both introverts.
I didn’t know that talking less would actually work.

How did I know I found the right one?
my answer is this – I cleared my mind, opened my heart and it told me “there he is hon”

He is simple, uncomplicated, and he puts his family above all else.
It made my heart melt.

I am far-fetched at how he could tolerate,
my mood swings, in a calm and gentle manner, that even I myself could not handle.

He supports me in everything that I do,
even willing to sit outside the venue.
However long it would take, 5 hours? he would be there, sitting and waiting. 
I am not exaggerating.

“I wonder if you asked God for patience,
and He gave me to you?” I asked him once,
He just shrugged, held my hand, and said “as long as you are happy, I am willing to do everything I can”

Not sure how I got lucky.
To have this man in my life, is still a mystery.
Maybe, in my past life I saved a country?
I am still in awe at how patient he is with me.

This, I tell him:
For all the things that you are willing to do, for me, and our family.
Know that I will do my best as your partner for life, especially now that we are three.

They say love is patient, and love is kind, 
Yes! you are all that to me and everything combined.

You are my love, the only one for me.
I love you, my beautiful destiny.


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