My 2021 Vision Board

It’s the last week of the first month of the year! How has your year been so far?

I started this year curating my new year’s resolution, and I finally created an actual vision board, not just a vision in my head.

A friend invited me to this workshop, a vision boarding workshop. What a great timing that was. I was thinking of putting up my vision board and I got invited in creating one.

It was Trixie Esguerra from Prositivitrix ( who conducted the workshop. I learned what my word for the year is, and what to put in my board.

She also helped us answer a few questions to envision our year.

the message I got from Trixie’s workshop

For my goal this year, I placed one related to writing – Journal, read books, and publish my book. Then I have a goal for my public speaking. I also included health, financial, and work related goals.

I also included travel goals (fingers crossed) – outside the country travels – which includes my favorite destination, Japan!

Have you created your vision board? what will you include in it?

According to the workshop, you need to place your board to where you can see it every day, every morning and every night, so that it will remind you of your goals.

I created mine using canva; I threw in different photos that I got from google, and arranged them according to my preference. I printed it out and placed it right above the desk where I work inside my room, so I could see it every day. I am motivated to do steps that would lead me closer to my goals.

How have you started your year so far? Will you create your vision or have you already created one?

I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you for you to see clearly what your goals and vision for this year.

Whatever you may decide, please never forget to share happiness, share love!


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