Our DIY Wedding – Pt. 3

We have come to the last installment of my three-part wedding DIY. This part is one of those special moments.

Have you imagined what you would look like and what you would wear on one of the most important day of your life?

I have. I planned my wedding hair and makeup, and wedding dress years before Jay proposed. It was one of those thoughts that regularly visited me when I was alone to reflect.

Having a talented partner, skillful, and supporting family made my dream wedding into reality. I would not have done it without them. I would have failed in the execution if they had not encouraged me.

Let me take you on this last journey where I would talk about my hair and makeup, wedding dress and also my entourage’s attire for that day.

Photo and Growing UP AVP (Audio-Video Presentation)
Jay, who was our forever photographer and video editor, handled creating our video for save the date and growing up. Find someone who has the talent and the will to create one, and this will save you a lot of money. Or you could learn how to make one, this not only save your wallet but let you gain knowledge and experience that you could use in the future 🙂

I gathered our old photos and let him do his magic. It was a simple slide show that showed the version of ourselves, and even the early days of our relationship. It was nostalgic to see how we both started and how we both came to be.

Video by Kenneth Surillo Films

Hair and Makeup
Ever since I discovered my love for makeup, I already Imagined what my wedding makeup would look like. I pictured my look to be simple, fresh, and a look that would not change but enhance my features.

My sister encouraged me to hire a professional makeup artist, and my aunt backed up her idea. They said that I should be free and relaxed on my wedding day and not think about makeup preparation and all that. I contemplated for it for a while. I searched for a makeup artist that would best fit the look that I wanted. The price was high though – 20K-30K+ was the range that I saw. I thought about it for a while, but even though I had not decided yet whether I would get others to do it, I practiced the look multiple times. I tried it before I took off my makeup for the day or when I had nothing else to do.

I realized that putting makeup on, preparing the tools, was relaxing for me. It did not stress me out at all. I used the money that I should pay for a professional and bought makeups with it, and I did my makeup on the day of my wedding. I saved money, and I got to keep all the makeups I used (the best thing ever!).

My sister helped me with my hair since I cannot style it on my own, and she did a magnificent job attaching my hair extension, loosely braiding it and adding a hair accessory to put the look all together. It was just the way I want it.

Entourage Dress
We saw the style for the gray dress in one of the famous clothing store in glorietta. I was with my mom and sister when we sighted the dress. I came inside the store to check it out, thinking that maybe it would fit in our budget. Turned out it costed 7K each that made me drop the tag price as soon as I saw the numbers. The cloth was light and flowy. It was just right for the weather and time of our wedding, but I did not want to spend that much.

I took a picture of the dress to copy the style. We then went to a fabric store just above the current store of the same mall we were in – the fabric warehouse. To our surprise, we saw the same fabric – it was called charmeuse. They had the gray and maroon color, which we immediately bought. All three gray dresses did not even reach 7k as it was significantly less than that – half the price. Super steal!

My mother sew the dresses according to the design that we saw. It came out perfect for my girls as they all looked lovely and elegant on the day with their smile as their best accessory.

Wedding Dress

I saved many styles, pinned so many pictures of white dresses and downloaded some for reference. I did not know how to start with the dress. All I know was that I want a simple one that would perfectly fit my frame. I knew that coutures were expensive that would take almost half of our overall budget.

We went to Divisoria to try our luck and search for the perfect dress. It was not my plan at first, but I wanted to check the selection. I brought my mom and my sister with me as they were the best with style. We scoured the whole place, visited each boutique that sold wedding dresses. We found a few that were OK, but they all looked almost the same, and I was not settling for just OK. I wanted something that was unique.

It was nearing dark, and we wanted to give up on our search, when we saw a lady putting out a mannequin with tube dress on it. The bottom was flowy, layered by fabrics of different type of chiffon. My sister went inside the store and asked the lady about the dress. It was the first time we saw something like that out of all the dresses we saw. The lady mentioned that it was a new arrival, and it was the only kind. Wow! perfect timing!

My sister told me to try it on. It was not in our tradition to fit a wedding dress, but I would not want to buy it if it would not fit me. I agreed. Once the lady was putting it on me, it hugged my body in the right way, as if it was for me. Perfect fit!

I did not think twice to buy the base of my dress. Base, meaning we would enhance the dress to make it even more unique.

Since it was a tube dress, and I was all conscious with my arms, my sister thought of adding a layer on top. We then bought beads and hair accessories that she placed on the sleeve part. My sister then hand-sewn the beads with a complete precision that made it more elegant. My mother changed the straight tube design to a heart-shaped one that complemented more on my figure.

My sister, aunt, mom and I added glass beads on the body of the dress and all over the trail to add some glitter factor. We bought the beads in Welmanson at Quiapo, right beside the church.

This experience taught me that weddings are hard work, and it gave me a high respect to those who made such occasion magical. If you are on a budget, try to DIY some details in your wedding and it will save you so much by just exerting a little effort. You can always leave it to the expert if you are unsure of what you should do.

I relied mostly on google with a lot of research, and pinterest was my best friend. If I did it, you could too 😉

Weddings are a once in a lifetime celebration, you do not need to stress out on those little things. Let go and let God. Laugh, eat and have the best time of your life, it’s you and your husband’s day, anyway. GoodLuck and Happy DIYing!

Live for the moment you can’t put into words – unknown

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