Happy Birthday Daddy Jay!

It’s the last month of the year, and a day after the celebration of the birth of our savior, when we celebrated the birth of our one and only daddy! The support and pillar of our home.

How do you celebrate on pandemic? this was the popular question this year as we celebrated every special occasion inside the house.

This time, we opted to celebrate outside in the safest possible way. The initial idea was to go on a joyride around the town and look for a place where we can stop and have a picture or eat the cake with my mom and my sister.

I ordered the cake via grab app from boulangerie22. I then prepared the diaper bag, placed a few snacks inside our to go bag, and off we go on our adventure for the day. We tried to search for a place, not a park, because they do not allow babies, so I suggested we go north.

As we were driving, my sister suggested, why not go to UP diliman? I went there once, a long time ago, and I could no longer remember how it looked like or how to go there, so we relied on waze to take us to the place.

Upon reaching the place, it was an open place, not so sure if it was always open, but we went in with no problem. Jay drove around the area to discover what was there, and once we decided that we saw everything, we looked for the open area that I saw on my friends’ stories. After a few missed turned, we found it. It was there when we decide to have our photoshoot (haha!)

There was a guard who told us we should not be using a professional camera, but instead we could only use our cellphone. My sister laughed, who was holding the “professional” camera at that time.

Manong, I have professional camera but I am no professional photographer,” she argued
“Not allowed Ma’am” the guard insisted in a monotone voice

We laughed it off and took our phones out. We even joked, “How about professional phone camera?” but only to ourselves, as we do not want to make the manong guard mad. And so, my sister took the picture using the phone camera, and it turned out just the way we want it. The exact place of the photo was in front of the college of law – just so if you are interested and wanted to search for the place as well :).

We had the best time since we discovered a new place we could go to. A beautiful scene full of greens. Although we did not eat the cake there because as soon as we finished with the photo session, the rain poured and so we had to leave.
We even gave street people gifts – three loot bags full of chips that made them happy and were looking for more, but we only had three bags.

This is how we celebrated Jay’s birthday. A simple yet meaningful one for not just him, but for everyone.

For my ever supportive husband, whom we love so dearly, may you continue to be a blessing to us and to others as well. May the good Lord shower you with so much blessing, so you could bless many in your own way. Keep on being the best father to Achan, the one and only supportive and loving husband to me, and a brilliant son to your parents.

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

I wish you were able to celebrate that special event in the most fun way, surrounded by your love ones. It is not always the material things, but the love and the joy that we share with the people around.

Spread happiness, spread love ❤


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