Christmas Shopping: What is on your list?

Few days to go before Christmas, where we all sit down at the table as one family, eat the prepared meal – Noche Buena – and open gifts.

This year is special. Aside from us not having party events to attend to because of the pandemic, the celebration became intimate where only people inside the house or close relatives can join. I would love to have spent our Christmas with our family back home in the province, but we are fine with celebrating it on our own for this year.

This would also be the first time that Achan could enjoy the gifts and the lights and the food, since last year he was too young (6 months) for everything that was happening around. Now, he could walk around and be amazed at the twinkling colorful lights and he could open gifts with the help of mommy of course.

And speaking of gifts, this pandemic did not stop me from buying gifts for my love ones and for myself (hehe!). I took the chance to buy gifts online when the 12.12 online Christmas sale came, and it was all over the internet. All the stores were on sale. I thought it was a great opportunity since I would buy gifts, anyway. Why not buy them during the sale? Just be careful to buy only on legit stores or those with good ratings 🙂

Here are a few of items on my list that may help you with your Christmas shopping

Gifts for Kids

For Adults

Have you thought on which one to get your love one?

Whatever you decide to give your love one, your friends or your niece and nephews, it should come from the heart. Do not pressure yourself to buy an expensive gift, the person who cares will appreciate anything that you willingly gave, and it’s the thought that counts.

GoodLuck on your Christmas shopping!

Spread happiness, spread love ❤


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