My Mom’s Gold Themed BDay

Life does not come with a manual, it comes with a mother. This is a quote I read in google, and truly, mothers are the greatest human being that ever existed for without them, we would all be lost.

I dedicate this post to my loving mother who sacrificed her own happiness into giving us what we need, because for her we are her joy, and for showering us with unconditional love.

I admired her patience that I could only dream of having. I remember when I was young, my mother went to another country to work as a domestic helper. I remembered how sad and lonely I was for not having a mother at my side during those years. I did not understand then why she had to go. I saw her gather all her belongings and place them in one large green luggage that she pulled towards the gate of the house. I did not say my goodbye, instead I sat in the house’s corner as a single tear fell from my eye. I have always regretted my decision that day, If I could change it, I would have ran towards her and hugged her tight, not sure what difference it would make but I am sure it would.

I thank God for my mom’s decision to stay with us when I got pregnant with our firstborn. She guided me on my journey to becoming a mom myself, and I could not have done it without her wisdom, advice and helping hand all throughout. I will be forever thankful that Achan has a grandmother with him as he grows up. I know how special that bond is, because I, myself, grew up with my grandparents.

Now, it has become my mission to make her happy, especially on her birthday. This year, we have pandemic, but it did not stop me from throwing her the best party she could ever imagine.

This year, her cake was not an ordinary one. I ordered chocolate one tier cake, covered with golden swirls of icing and dusted by gold specks. On top was a cake topper that says “Happy Birthday” which she pulled that revealed the surprise hidden inside it. It was a money roll cake! I love how big her smile was and her eyes glittered as she pulled the toper as if there was no ending to it. It was her first time receiving such an extravagant gift.

Cake from @jkcookiesandcupcakes

Our surprise did not end there, my sister also thought of a money bouquet. She ordered the flower bouquet online ( We then placed a series of money in a plastic with a stick around it.

I ordered the decors online. They were surprisingly cheap. It made Mamang’s event even more special. We filled the house with balloons, rose gold curtain, and golden circle flower decor.

I saw how our mom’s face was lit up, glowing the entire day. It made all the preparation worth it. I was glad she loved it. It was our way of thanking her for being our life’s manual, for being the light in our dark path.

Thank you, Mang! For Everything! Happy Birthday to you! Stay fabulous even in your 60s ❤

Please know that I love you so much and I am thankful for having you.

You do not choose your parents, but if I was given a chance, no doubt, I would choose you!


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