Our DIY Wedding – Pt. 2

In this next one of my three-part Our Do-It-Yourself Wedding series, I will be talking about Giveaways, Guest Table Decors, our Photobooth background, Guestbook, and the wands we used on our outro after the ceremony.

I made these little details of materials available in the house, some I bought for a lower price online, others were a product of my imagination, and then there were those I copied online (Pinterest was my best friend when it comes to DIY). I had so much fun doing them and now sharing them with my readers.


Guest Giveaways were copied online (original idea here), but instead of smores, I used beans because it was supposed to be a Bertie Botts bean (a harry potter bean :D) and added: “Mischief Managed” at the back of the paper. I bought the flavored beans in a mall, and I think you can find them anywhere. There are also online, be careful to purchase from legit sellers.

For the sponsor’s giveaway, I gave them our version of invisibility cloak. A large blanket wrapped with a brown paper with our name printed on it and a snitch.


Ten flower decor to fit the number of guest tables. Fake flowers were from an online shop, the popsicle stick was from a previous DIY project, and ribbons from Divisoria. I combined them, and with a little imagination, I created my version of the popsicle flower tabletop.


I printed chapters from the HP book – The Wedding and The Unbreakable Vow. I glued them on cardboard, which I cut into a small frame. A black paper was carefully placed as a border to frame the numbers. I bought everything from a bookstore, including the owl stickers, which I picked from the scrap-booking section.

The guest loved the little owl that I bought online. These were supposed to be an ornament for the garden, but I used it to add cuteness to the tables. Some of the guests took some of them home, which I did not mind. I was pleased that they liked it.


I loved our brick background for our photo booth. This was inspired from the brick wall of harry potter, foot steps from the map and walla! we got ourselves our custom made bg – all created from scratch by Jay. Thank God for the talent.


I ordered this vintage notebook online (thank you shopee). I got captivated by the key hanging from it that matched my “Find your Key” seat plan.
I placed some of our growing up photos on the first page, and prenups on the succeeding ones. I then asked the coords to have the guest sign or give their messages on the empty pages.
This became a treasured picture memory that I carefully placed in my bookshelf.
If you notice the first page, the idea was from the first book of harry potter, where Harry talked with the young you-know-who through his journal. This was derived from the first statement he wrote, tweaked to suit the occasion. Thanks to my cousin for writing 🙂


Again with the HP theme, I curated a wand designed after the protagonist’s stick. Unfortunately, I did not have a close up picture. Next time, I will document everything or ask someone else to take a closer picture for memory.
I followed a youtube video on how to create one. Using a glue gun and a cheap pencil I bought from Divisoria. I googled a picture of the wands and slowly worked on the pencil. I got burned a few times on my first try, but when I got the hang of it, it wasn’t so bad.
I spray painted it with gold, then once the paint dried, I glued a white ribbon on the tip that made it magical as if conjuring a lumos or patronus charm.

Weddings can be expensive if you allow it to be, but with resourcefulness and help from people around, you could do it yourselves and do it all together. Just remember to have fun with the process and no matter the outcome, let go and let God.

I still have a part 3 for this – for the entourages’ dress and of course, My wedding dress.

See you on the next 🙂


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