Seven (7) Breastfeeding Must Haves

In my six months of pure breastfeeding my little one, I gathered a few items that were must-haves in the first few months of feeding your precious one. I have here a list of seven things that saved or helped me go through the journey:

1. Nipple cream. I used Natural Nipple Balm from Orange and Peach. As a first-time-mom, my nipples were not yet used to the feeding. The first few weeks, they were cracked, sore and not a pretty sight. nipple cream helped ease the pain. I apply it after, and wipe it off before feeding.

2. Nursing pillow. I bought one from shopee. This helped when I am feeding Achan in the living room or on the bed. Feeding takes a lot of hours, so nursing pillow helped me be relaxed and also allowed me to use my hands to check on my phone or do other stuff such as when I write on my laptop. Multi tasking at its finest. hehe. This also helped me during feed in the car when we travel. I prop the pillow on my hips, place baby on top and give him the boobie to feed on. We both can relax during long travel.

3. Phone. This is important for me. Achan feeds for more than four hours at times. Imagine sitting for four hours or sidelying for that long without your phone, I cannot imagine (haha). I try as much as I can not to sleep while feeding my little boy, because of bad dreams that I might put my weight on him and something bad might happen, so I try to stay awake or be aware at least. Phone is important for me. I check on my email, I write or simply keep myself entertained or updated with happenings around. I also use it to capture cute and sweet moments of our little one for keeps.

4. Bluetooth earphone. Whenever I want to listen to music or watch videos on my phone, I prefer to use bluetooth earphone. I do not want to deal with the cords of a wired earphone that might tangle with Achan or risk waking him up once the wire grazed his delicate skin. sleep is life for our little one but a small distraction would wake him up in an instant, then no sleep for mom.

5. Nail file. This is odd but very useful during our feeding session. Baby’s nails grow in a speed unimaginable (haha). Two weeks after Achan was born, we removed his mittens as advised by his pedia. This is to help with his mobility. No mittens means scratches from his nails, and I get anxious when I see him with a big scratch on his forehead, cheeks or nose. His nails grows in an instant, I file in the morning and at night, that is how fast they grow, so I liked to have a nail file at hand or reachable during feeds.

6. Haakaa. For working moms who will go back to work after maternity leave, this is a helpful tool. Haakaa is a silicon pump that will help catch let down from the other boob that baby is not feeding on. This will help you build your milk stash while you feed your little one. I made a big mistake of not using this on day one, Of not learning how to use this since the beginning of my bf journey. Later on I discovered that I can pop this on the other boob while feeding Achan. It helped me gather milk, it gave my body the feeling of feeding two babies at a time, which in turn regulated my milk. This was also easy to use, without the complicated wires and the machine of an electric pump.

7. Lampin or Muslin blanket. This is a must for me. I use muslin blanket to wipe Achan’s drool, spilled milk on his face – during those time when let down was already established then he pulls out from the boob – instant milk bath (haha!). I also use this to cover him up when he gets cold, and cover myself up during feed. I did not bother to buy nursing cover since this is enough for me.

And that is what is in my list of must haves during feeding session with my little one. This helped me ease the process with my journey of breast feeding.

I salute all moms who tirelessly do everything for their child. Moms are super hero. Kudos to all moms!

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