My First Born

You are turning 1 in a few days time.
It seems like it was yesterday when we first held you in our arms.

You brought us sunshine, laughter and bliss.
That bright, beautiful smile at every waking hour is surely something I would not want to miss.

I prayed for you. I prayed hard, and God saw what my heart desired.
You came to us when we least expected, but nonetheless, It was all perfect.

Daily Big hug, drooly kisses and your gummy smile makes everything worthwhile.

I am amazed at how a tiny, little baby can make a huge impact in our lives and everyone around.
You turned my life upside down.

To make you laugh, to make you happy became my life’s goal.
I will hold your hand, protect and guide you as you go through it all.

You became my life’s meaning. My definition of  infinite delight.
You are my love. You are my life. My first born child.

I Love you ❤️ forever and always.


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