Cloth Diaper – Hits and Misses

When I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted him to use cloth diaper as soon as he comes out. My ideal setup, but this did not happen for a while. My environmentalist in me was crying. First, because I did not have the energy to wash the CDs during my first few months of post partum, second, my husband was not into it at first. He was for the convenience of the disposables one. Fast and easy.
I slowly introduced CD into our routine. At first it was only during the day, then at night when we would use disposable as it absorbs more and baby sleeps well into the night when using non-cds. But still I wanted it to be full on, all day, Cloth Diaper.

I wanted a chance to discover, test out different CDs and be there first hand to learn what was good and what was not working and be able to monitor the progress, but being a working mom, hindered me from doing just that. Then ECQ (enhance community quarantine) came. I am not happy with what is going on around regarding the virus and people losing their lives to this pandemic, but the lock down gave the me the chance to be with my child 24/7, and an opportunity that I have long been waiting for. I grabbed this time to go on full time CD with our little one.

We already had the formula for day use. The only concern I had was dealing with night use of CD. I did not want to use microfiber. Yes, it is one way to do it, but in our condo living, it takes at least three days for MF insert to dry, so I say pass on that one. I have cotton inserts though, the one I got from top cover type of CDs. which by the way, did not work for us, but I still use, when we have no other choice – a.k.a all CDs are in wash. I tried the prefold cd insert, since it was thick enough to hold a good amount of liquid (wiwi). At first, I had to change him during the night, which was not good since It woke him up and I would have a hard time putting him back to sleep.

What Worked
I used CDs from babyleaf (, which I bought while I was pregnant. I got one of their CD package. I did not use the MF insert that came with it though. For the insert on CDs that we use at night, I used the prefold diaper as an insert that came with the top cover type CD I ordered on shopee ( from – look for waterproof reusable printed one size cloth diaper cover).
I was gifted an Alva CD by one of my good friend. This gave me a chance to try out other CD, which turned out to be good. So, I ordered more in shopee.
These are the shops I found that offers good quality and some of them I ordered multiple times already.
> Chippershop15
> vezeescloset
> thriftymamashoppe

I am still experimenting with a few different brands and types, but so far, this is what worked for us. we were using only cloth diaper from the start of lock down, up until now, and hopefully, we would be able to keep up when the time comes that I have to go back to the office.


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