Breastfeeding Tips from a First Time Mom: What Helped Me

Breastfeeding is HARD (caps for emphasis) but very rewarding. For you and your little one. You will experience many different trials as you go on with your journey but in the end It will all be worth it. A mother’s love for her child.

I am no expert nor am I a lactation consultant. This is based solely on my experience. I have read many articles regarding breastfeeding, what to do and other helpful tips. I used some of them but some I learned on my own and I am hoping to share it as well.

The first few weeks was the hardest for me. Both me and my baby were on the learning phase. During those days, little one was having a hard time with his latch and as a first time mom, everything was a blur. My nipples were still on the process of getting used to being latched on. The pain and struggle was indescribable (everything hurt) but eventually became tolerable and manageable.

What helped?

first was nipple cream. My nipples were cracked, sore and clogged. I applied nipple cream every after feed to help moisturize them. I wipe it off before I feed my baby.

cold compress on the nipple to numb the pain. I came to the point were my nipples were so sore and cracked that the pain was unbearable. I would ask my husband to carry and comfort our baby first until the pain subsides and I am ready to feed him again. I would wrap an ice cube on a towel then slowly place it on top of my nipple (it burns!). It does help a little. A little help made a huge difference instead of suffering from the pain.

hot compress to help with clogged duct and soreness. I would soak a towel on a warm water and place them on my chest. This helps with the blood flow, and to soften any hard milk that was stuck in my boobs.

let you baby latch was the only way to relieve those clogged duct for me after hot compress. There were days when nipple has white skin forming on it. At first I thought it was puss due to extreme soreness, since I could also see blood clot forming, but I read that it was milk stuck on the nipple and you need to prick it to release. I pinched it with my nails (it was painful, I cried while doing it but you gotta do what you gotta do.. hurts like hell) and true enough, they were milk. But pinching did not solve the problem because it would come back together with a painful tingling sensation as if a current is flowing through my boobs. I think it was milk forming and ready for feeding. Painful as it was but the only way to solve it was to let my baby latch, you just have to endure the pain. I could feel the clogged duct on my nipple pop and felt the milk flowing out. The pain of the process made me cry a gallon of tears. I would oftentimes kick the bed while feeding. It was also satisfying at the same time because the pain would slowly fade. relief!

lactation coach helped with my needs. If all else fail, consult a lactation expert. They helped me with my baby’s latching problem and taught me to feed him in a side-lying position. They also taught me how to massage my boobs everyday in one direction for 2 minutes to help with blood flow. The massage that came with the consultation was relaxing which I think was a big help in milk production.

Baby is 4 months now. I am now immune to the pain of latching and those were the things that helped me so far, you can try them but remember, what worked for me may or may not work for you, you can experiment to try what will work best for you. He does not have any teeth yet, that would be the next level of pain. Goodluck! We can do this!

Update you soon once I discover new things on this journey 😊


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